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External Transport Manager service, tailored to your business

From owner-drivers to major hauliers – we put common sense compliance systems in place, cutting red tape and ensuring efficiency. We can ensure your fleet compliance needs are 100% met and maintained for all Operator’s License types across any Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) band.

We are uniquely placed to offer External Transport Management Support for existing and new O-license applications both in National Road Haulage and International Passenger Operations. Whether you require our expertise on a consultancy, retainer or ad-hoc basis, we can meet your transport and logistics needs.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

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Green Operators

Charges start at around £350 per month for one vehicle, plus £80 for each additional disc.

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Amber Operators

Charges start at around £450 per month for one vehicle plus £100 for each additional disc.

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Red Operators

Charges start at around £550 per month for one vehicle plus £150 for each additional disc.

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Restricted Operators

£250 One-off consultancy fee (includes a full Operator compliance audit & recommendation plan). On-going consultancy charged at an hourly rate and is negotiable based on your need

Our External Transport Management Service rates are simple and transparent. Our monthly packages start from £350 per month for Green Operators, and we can tailor any of our services to create a bespoke plan that suits your business’s needs.

Discounts may apply for multiple vehicle operators. Discretionary mileage charge at 45p per mile. Air travel charged at Cost.

What’s Included in our monthly packages?

  • Complete Operator Compliance Audit & Recommendation Plan
  • Full compliance process & system implementation
  • Weekly Catch ups
  • Monthly Site Visits
  • Digital & Analogue Tachograph Audit & Analysis
  • On-going Advice & Instruction

If you are ready to appoint an external transport manager or just want to find out more about how we can meet your requirements, why not get in contact with our team today?

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Do I need an Operator License?

An Operator’s license is needed to run a business using goods vehicles over 3.5kg gross weight, or passenger carrying vehicles with more than 8 passengers seats, used for hire and reward.

What does my Operator License mean?

Restricted: Carry your own goods in the course of trade or business

National: Transporting your own or other’s goods for hire and reward exclusively within the United Kingdom.

International: Carrying your own or other’s goods for hire and reward on International Journeys.

Do you need an Internal or External Transport Manager?

Appointing a Transport Manager is a legal requirement of the Operator Licensing System for both Standard National or Standard International Operator’s Licenses. Holders of these licenses have an obligation to appoint someone who holds a valid Transport Manager CPC to manage the operations for LGV & PCV.

It is at the Operator’s discretion as to whether the transport manager is internal (employed) or external (freelance). However, an External Transport Manager cannot work for more than 4 Operators or be responsible for more than 50 vehicles.

If you hold a Restricted Operator’s license and are not legally obliged to employ a transport manager, Pearson CPC have a range of management services that can help you maintain your compliance requirements as you are still subject to the same sets of undertakings as Standard or International License Holders.

What is an External Transport Manager?

External transport managers are competent professionals (TMCPC Holders) who generally work for small to mid-sized operators, to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy and that their drivers are compliant with drivers’ hours rules.

Your Solution to Operator License Compliance

Outsourcing your CPC holder provides a cost-effective solution to achieve Operator License compliance. Pearson CPC offer all operators, new and existing, an Operator Licence Compliance Audit to ensure safety and compliance is ensured at all times to get you started and see how we can further support your business.

So why not  contact us today to achieve your compliance requirements with a Pearson CPC Freelance External Transport Manager, without the expense of a full-time member of staff?

External Transport Manager fees start from £250 for the first vehicle and £80 for each extra vehicle. Discounts many apply for multiple vehicle operators. For Restricted Operators we can work on a consultancy basis, starting with a full compliance audit and recommendation plan.

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