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Tachograph Analysis to save you time, money and resources

Regardless of your fleet size, you need to stay compliant and keep on top of your tachograph reporting.  Our Tachograph Analysis service, will reduce the likelihood of fines and DVSA investigations. This will enable you to address issues immediately to strengthen and safeguard your compliance.

The technology used in our tachograph analysis service is widely used in the UK, with over 20,000 registered subscribers. More than 1.3 million tachographs are analysed every month through the system, from over 12,000 locations across the UK. Our Tachograph Analysis services is available as a stand-alone service, or as part of a wider transport & logistics retainer package.

Tachograph Analysis Pricing

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Analogue Chart

50p per analogue chart submitted

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Digital Driver Download

30p per driver
per working day

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Vehicle Download

30p per vehicle
per working day

Analogue & Digital Tachograph Analysis Combined

Our online analysis service can also be used to combine analogue tachograph data with digital data.

Fleets which have vehicles with both analogue and digital tachographs need to combine the data from both, especially if drivers use different vehicles during the course of their work.

In order to ensure that your drivers take sufficient rest periods and stay within the rules on Drivers’ Hours and the Working Time Directive, you will need to create one set of digital data from your analogue and digital records.

At Pearson CPC, this is not a problem. Using our tried and tested analogue tachograph analysis service, we scan your analogue disks and compile the data from them in an electronic format. This can be blended seamlessly with the digital data downloaded from the driver’s card, in our online tachograph analysis solution. You will then have a single, highly accessible set of data, from which those all-important Drivers Hours and WTD calculations can be completed.

If you have a combination of analogue and digital tachographs, please contact us today for some expert help and advice on 01209 899399.

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How to use our Tachograph Analysis Software

Contact us to get your business set-up on the system. We then set you up with your own account with log-ins, passwords and can configure any bespoke reports you might require.

Bespoke report set-up is part of our on-going consultancy packages. Click here for more information.

Simply email us your digital tachograph data, and the Pearson CPC tachograph analysis system stores it securely, using your data to provide you with online analysis, reports and infringement tools within your own account. You will also enjoy full access to your data at any time, via a secure login, wherever you have access to the internet. You are in full control of your account and the reports that you choose to set-up at all times.

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