Operator Compliance Audit

A Confidential Operator Compliance audit for your business

Pearson CPC offers a comprehensive and strictly confidential, operator compliance audit to appraise your overall level of compliance and highlight areas for improvement.

Our consultants are recognised members of CILT (Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics) with many years experience of managing both road haulage and passenger operations. With decades of experience, we know exactly what to look for and can be your friendly guide to get you on the right compliance track before any vehicles leave the yard.

As a preventative and proactive measure, an external Operator Compliance Audit is a great way to fine-tune any systems or processes you have in place.  This can reduce the risk of penalties, or conditions being imposed on your licence, before any road-side DSVA spot-checks.  Enforcement officers can check how compliant an operator is at the touch of a button and their ratings are based on previous roadside checks along with other intelligence.

The external Operator Compliance Audit provided by Pearson CPC is completely outside of the formal system and will outline your level of compliance against current Traffic Commissioner requirements. You will receive a comprehensive report of our findings, scored against our easy to understand traffic light system, to highlight areas of improvement whilst acknowledging areas where you perform well.

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Simple and Transparent Pricing

£250 one-off fee
Free site visit
Mileage chargeable

45p per mile

On-going consultancy available.

The most important part of our service is the recommendation plan that provides best-practice guidance on how to tackle any areas flagged for improvement.We provide considerable detail that enables you to better understand the results, however should you need any further implementation guidance we can provide this on a consultancy basis.

What’s Included?

  • A complete Operator Compliance Audit & Recommendation Plan
  • An easy to understand traffic light scoring system
  • Vehicle Maintenance  Arrangements & Facilities System checks
  • Driver’s Walk-around & Defect Reporting Procedures
  • Management controls for Driver’s Hours & Road Transport (WTD) Compliance
  • Driver Training Procedures
  • Review of Health & Safety Policies in place
  • Overall Systems and Processes Audit
  • Free site visit

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Why Choose Us?

The cost of our operator audits are a fraction of the potential costs of having your Operator Licence revoked, suspended or curtailed by a reduction of permitted vehicles, or any extra conditions imposed on your Operator’s Licence.

Help prevent penalties
Highlight areas for improvement
Prevent your operator license being revoked


Why do I need an Operator Compliance Audit?

Once an Operators Licence has been granted, the Operator and the nominated Transport Manager are responsible for the safe and compliant running of their vehicles.The Office of the Transport Commissioner (OTC) recommends that an External Compliance Audit is carried out annually across all Operator Licence types for road haulage and passenger transport.  These include National, International and Restricted Operator licences

I’ve been pulled in DVSA, and need help.  What do I do next?

Take immediate action. We have an expert in transport operations on hand to help you understand what happens next. Contact us for further information.

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