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Wednesday, March 16, 2022
08.00 - 16.30
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Vehicle Safe Loading, Fitness to Drive & Driver Wellbeing

This course contains best practice advice on the safest way to carry and restrain loads on a vehicle and provides an understanding of how a combination of physical and cognitive skills can affect an individual’s ability to drive safely.

Benefits of Attending

Delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the ideal physical and cognitive state required for safe driving
  • Recognise which regulations relate to carrying loads safely and how to stay safe and compliant
  • Identify whether a vehicle has been positioned safely and loaded securely for transportation
  • Explain duties and responsibilities for fitness to drive under Health & Safety Law for the road
  • Identify how any impairments to drive can increase the risk of crash or injury
  • Explain how illness, drugs and  alcohol  can affect a driver’s ability to drive safely

Course Content

  • The Law and regulations of safe loading and practices
  • The principles of safe loading
  • Safe loading, unloading and load security
  • Transporting loads securely
  • Driver responsibilities for fitness to drive
  • Drugs, medicines and alcohol
  • Fatigue and sleeping disorders
  • Illness and physiological impairments
  • Quiz and Feedback
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